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Peter Heine Nielsen won Fibertex Cup
The Danish home favourite, Peter Heine Nielsen, won Fibertex Cup in Aalborg when he defeated 15 year old world championship candidate Magnus Carlsen from Norway with a furious attack in their mutual decisive game in the ultimate round.

Before that had been two days of brilliant chess with games that did not reveal that the players played blindfolded. The games had an amasing quality and many of them are really worth playing through, in particular the game Carlsen - Schandorff and Peter Heine - Carlsen.

The final rankings were: 1. GM Peter Heine Nielsen 5. 2. Magnus Carlsen 4. 3. GM Lars Schandorff and IM Nicolai V. Pedersen 1½.

The deputy mayor of Aalborg, Bruno Bjørn Thomsen, handed out the town's trophees to the four players and told how impressed he had been by the organisation and the play. He felt certain that there would be more events of the same kind in Aalborg in the years to come.

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Fibertex Cup features the best Nordic players in blindfold play

15 year old Magnus Carlsen from Norway challenges the strongest Nordic player at present, Peter Heine Nielsen, Lars Schandorff, and Nicolai V. Pedersen, likely to be the next Danish grandmaster, in Fibertex Cup in Aalborg, Denmark February 3-4. All games will appear live on the internet.

Denmark’s GM Peter Heine Nielsen is among the players invited for this year’s Melody Amber tournament in Monaco, and he will have ideal training for the blindfold part of that event in Fibertex Cup February 3-4 in the third largest Danish town, Aalborg. His challengers are 15 year old GM Magnus Carlsen of Norway who just impressed finishing 10th in the World Cup securing a place in the forthcoming World Championship cycle; GM Lars Schandorff, 40 years and ex-champion of Denmark and at present reigning teams champion in Germany and Denmark; and IM Nicolai V. Pedersen who is living in the host town and on several occasions has been close to his final norm for the GM-title.

Fibertex Cup is a blindfold double round all-play-all event with prizes of 4.000, 2.000, 1.000, and 500 DKK. It is the first blindfold event in Denmark ever at the highest level. Historians, however, remember that a Copenhagen labour chess club, Vesterbro, held a similar tournament with Copenhagen top players participating in 1959. The reason that this event is still remembered, is that it was won by GM Bent Larsen.

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Fibertex Cup February 3-4 2006


GM Peter Heine Nielsen, DK 2644
GM Magnus Carlsen N 2625
GM Lars Schandorff, DK 2521
IM Nicolai Vesterbæk Pedersen 2516


Friday 3 February:
14.00 Round 1
16.00 Round 2
19.30 Round 3

Saturday 4 Februay:
10.00 Round 4
13.00 Round 5
15.0 Round 6


Photo: Thorbjørn Rosenlund
  GM (Grandmaster) Peter Heine Nielsen,
international rating 2644.

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Born May 24 1973. Won a brilliancy prize in the Danish Championship event in 1987, 13 years old. 3rd U-18 World Championship 1990. Four times winner of the individual Danish Championship: 1996-99-2001-03. Has won a string of major events, among them the North Sea Cup 2001, Hastings 2002/03, Sigemann 2004, and Drammen 2005, the strongest Norwegian event ever.
PHN is a formidable team player, who has played in five teams winning the Danish Championship. He plays in leagues all over Europe and was in the winning team of the English teams championship 2005. After several years in the German Bundesliga he hopes to be in the winning side in 2006. He has played 60 games in the national team, playing 6 chess olympics and one European Teams, losing just 6 times. He earned a silver medal for the second best result on board 3 in Moscow 1994, and in 2005 he was top scorer on the top board of the European Teams in Mallorca with a score of 75% - undefeated. His overall scoring percentage is 63,33.
PHN won the internet European Championship of blitz 2005 defeating several of the world’s best players. He is at present no. 66 on the FIDE top-100 list but invitations for still stronger tournaments show that organizers are aware that he is on his way to the top. At the same time he is a regular analysis partner of Viswanathan Anand – and that tells a lot about his abilities and potential. On several occasions PHN has seconded Magnus Carlsen, one of them being the recent successful World Cup.
PHN writes a chess column in the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen.


Photo: Thorbjørn Rosenlund
  GM Magnus Carlsen, Norge,
international rating 2625

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Born November 30 1990. One year ago the world’s no. 226, at new year for the first time in the top-100 as no. 89 after finishing 10th in the World Cup. An impressive achievement by the 15 year old Norwegian who thus qualified for the next world championship cycle. MC’s first chess tournament was the Norwegian U-11 championship 1999, and since then he has made fast progress. He made his first IM-norm in Politiken Cup 2003, soon followed by GM-norms in Holland and Moscow(!) and then the GM-title.
In the national championship MC has been runner up the last two years. In 2005 after a gruelling play-off that was decided in quick play with 8 games in one day during more than 17 hours before experience took out its toll in the shape of victory for GM Simen Agdestein.
MC who has been awarded the prize “The Best Nordic Chess Player 2003-04” has already felt the media interest. In particular after an event in Reykjavik where he defeated Karpov in a blitz game and had Kasparov dug down in a speed game before the ex world champion escaped with a draw to win the two game match 1½-½. Kasparov, however, declared Carlsen to be one of the most interesting young players in the world today.
MC travelled so much in 2002-03 that there was hardly time for school but he revenged himself the following year as he and his parents agree that another education is necessary before an eventual career as a professional chess player. Also, he does not neglect his physical form, playing soccer or skiing whenever he has the opportunity.
By the way, you can’t reach MC on a mobil phone. He has none – making it easier to escape the media on some occasions.


Photo: Thorbjørn Rosenlund
  GM Lars Schandorff
international rating 2521

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Born April 20 1965. An outstanding positional player who finished his GM-title winning in Copenhagen 1995 when the Copenhagen Chess Club celebrated its 130 years existence. LS started to play as 11 year old and represented the chess club of Holstebro in two European and two world junior championships. He has played the top group of the Danish Championships no less than 19 times and won in Odense 1988. This result was at the same time his first IM-norm. Once he has been runner up and no less than 7 times he has finished third. In 2005 he lost the semi final to the eventual winner, GM Sune Berg Hansen.
LS is a super solid team player, almost impossible to defeat, and just now he is reigning team champion in Germany (Werder Bremen) and Denmark (Helsinge). In the national team he has played in 6 chess olympics, scoring 40½/68.
LS writes a popular chess column in the Copenhagen newspaper Berlingske Tidende.


Photo: Thorbjørn Rosenlund
  IM Nicolai Vesterbæk Pedersen
international rating 2516

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Born June 27 1977. A student of politics and economics at the Aalborg University. Started to play chess at the age of 7 in a school chess club run by his father where he, his brother and sister were dominant forces.
He scored his first GM-nom winning the Kavala Open in Greece 2002. Later that year he made his olympic debut, scoring a second GM-norm, and these achievements made him “Danish Chess Player of the Year 2002”. In the Danish Championships he came 3rd in 2003 and reached the semi final of the knock-out championship in 2005. Further he was 3rd in the Nordic Championship 2005 but he has some 1sts, too, among them Gent Open 2004.
Living in Aalborg a huge home crowd will be rooting for him, and their hopes grew when he recently finished in a tie for 2nd in the Travemünde christmas tournament.
NVP hopes soon to finalize his GM-title and to raise his elo to 2550.